Hello and thanks for visiting my webpage.


I am 19AT256 my name is Twan 57 years old and married to Maria 51 years old.

We have two boys , Brian 31 years old and Maical 29 years old. I started radio in 1980 first only on FM with a Stabo XF2200 ,Turner plus three and a Avanti sigma 2 vertical antenna. After some time I bought a Ham Multimode 2  and also a CTE speedy amplifier and started with DXing my first QSO was with 30 division Spain, in 1981 I joined the AT group as 19AT136 and was very active on the band till 1985 then I left the hobby.

In 1993 I bought a president Lincoln and I started again with dxing, first with a vertical antenna, after some time I bought a 3 element Yagi and I was very active again, I joined the AT group again and used the call 19AT536.and afther some years I became 19AT056.I joined also other groups and a few of my call signs were 19OP272,19AC017,19BG036,19WW331,19SD102(19SD010),19AC152,Snowman #396, ,19DX056 and many more after some time I upgraded to a 4 element Yagi and my radio, microphone I use is a Heil HMM and Heil headset .

my working conditions in 2022 are: 

radio: Yaesu FTDX3000

micr: Heil Pro 74 DX/Heil HMM/Heil GM HC4-HC5

Ant:Deltaloop 4 ellements 7.10 boom (as on picture above)  10,5M over the ground


I collect DXCC's and islands from all over the world you can find here a part of my QSL collection ******** and I'm still working to put my complete collection online.


If you have any questions or need any information email me : 19at256@home.nl


Thanks for your time  19AT256  Twan